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Workers Compensation

The law provides certain benefits to workers who have been injured on the job. Workers’ compensation issues can be extremely complex matters that require the attention of an experienced workers compensation attorney who understands the law and will fight to protect your interests. The workers compensation process can be very complicated, and even a minor error can result in the rejection of your application and potential loss of benefits.

Anatomically correct 3D model of human body isolated on white background.At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney has been protecting the interests of workplace injury victims throughout Missouri and Illinois since our inception. Our Workers Compensation Lawyer works diligently to help our clients to obtain the benefits they need. We have a complete understanding of Missouri and Illinois workers compensation laws and we are committed to helping you reach the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

When a Missouri or Illinois Workers Compensation claim is delayed, denied, or disputed by an employer, an experienced Workers Compensation Attorney in St. Louis can help resolve these disputes and get you the benefits you deserve. Our St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney will inform you of the status of your claim and advise you of the appropriate legal action. While most claims can be resolved through a negotiated settlement, arbitration or trial may become necessary in some situations.

SONY DSCAt The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer is prepared to take the necessary steps so clients throughout Missouri and Illinois can receive the benefits they deserve under the law. Workers compensation laws exists to compensate employees for medical treatment and lost wages occurring as a result of an injury that is sustained through an accident in the workplace, a job-related disease or a disability acquired over time that is caused by working conditions. While your employer may seem eager to help, it is important to understand that these companies want to restrict benefits and preserve their bottom lines. One benefit that is often overlooked is the lump sum payment that many work accident victims are entitled to. We are committed to seeing that our clients get all compensation, including these lump sum work disability payments.

In some cases, injured workers may be entitled to more than just workers’ compensation. A third-party personal injury claim may be filed if the accident was caused by a party that was not the victim’s employer or co-worker. Given our experience, our St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney can not only seek work comp benefits, on your behalf, but also file and pursue a personal injury lawsuit, too. An overwhelming majority of workers’ compensation cases settle before a hearing or arbitration, which is essentially just a trial based on the evidence.

worker3Our St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney will advise you regarding the risks and benefits of settlement versus the risks and benefits of a hearing. Your attorney will consider many factors in this evaluation, including the medical and factual evidence, the cost of further litigation, and the possible outcomes of a hearing.