Best Practices for Protecting Your Missouri Workers’ Compensation Claim

At the Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney knows that employers and insurance carriers are not motivated to pay injured workers’ claims — typically for financially-driven reasons.

Employers do not want their insurance rates to increase, and insurers do not want to part ways with significant amounts of money.

Neither of those reasons helps injured Missouri workers get the medical care and lost wages they need to fully recover.

That is why we are here. To help protect our clients when they have suffered from an occupational injury or illness.

Here are a few critical steps every employee can take to help protect themselves after getting hurt at work.

Report Your Workplace Accident and Injury Right Away

The first step in pursuing a positive outcome for a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri is to alert your employer that an accident with injuries has occurred.

Whether that is your supervisor, human resources department, or the business owner, tell him or her about the workplace accident right away. If possible, take another employee with you to report the accident, so there is a witness to the report.

Document the Accident, Injuries & Your Medical Progress

Even after reporting the accident, which will include a written description of how the injury occurred, document the full effects of the incident going forward.

That includes recording your medical appointments, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

Keep a journal of how your injuries are impacting your life, including what you can and cannot physically accomplish each day.

It is also important to be upfront and honest with your healthcare providers and your employer by keeping them apprised of how the injuries are affecting you and your overall quality of life.

Talk to a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorney About Your Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri does not legally require an attorney.

However, like other insurance claims, your employer’s insurance provider is not simply going to write a blank check for your injuries.

The burden of proof will lie with you.

Until you can build a convincing claim, backed by accident facts, medical records, and ongoing injury updates, the insurance company will do all it can to mitigate its losses.

That could mean denying your claim altogether.

With the help of our skilled workers’ compensation attorney in St. Louis, you can focus on your recovery while we manage the details of your case and ensure your rights are protected.

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