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At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis personal injury lawyer and medical malpractice attorneys know that brain injuries and subsequent bleeding can be caused by auto accidents, slip and fall incidents, failure to diagnose and treat circumstances, and even criminal activity or assaults caused by negligent security.

Unfortunately, any blow or jolt to the head can leave our Missouri residents suffering from life-threatening conditions, including aneurysms, intracranial hematomas, or hemorrhages that require immediate medical attention. Once the injury victim arrives at the healthcare facility, it is imperative that the medical staff act quickly and with the utmost care to help prevent any long-term injuries, permanent damage, or tragic fatalities.

What are the Most Common Causes of Brain Bleeding Injuries in Missouri?

A brain hemorrhage, also known as cerebral hemorrhage or intracranial hemorrhage, is a serious type of brain injury that is most frequently caused by head trauma that occurs during catastrophic traffic collisions or other personal injury accidents in Missouri.

An intracranial hematoma or hemorrhage is characterized by pooling blood under the skull but over the brain, which can lead to added pressure on the brain, which may cause persistent headaches, dizziness, increasing drowsiness, confusion, unequal pupils, slurred speech, or impeded movement.

In addition, our clients can suffer intracerebral hemorrhages, which are typically caused when the minuscule arteries in the brain rupture either from increased blood pressure or trauma, and can lead to headaches, confusion, dizziness, increasing lethargy and drowsiness, slurred speech, confusion, and trouble moving.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in someone, call 911 immediately and inform the emergency responders of your physical and emotional reactions to your brain injury.

How Can I Pursue a Personal Injury or Medical Malpractice Case for My Brain Bleed?

If you have been injured in a collision or another personal injury accident that led to a brain injury with bleeding, our skilled St. Louis attorneys will help you pursue the negligent party who caused your crash for your full financial recovery.

If your brain injury was exacerbated by brain bleeding that was not properly identified, diagnosed, and treated by a Missouri physician, leading to extensive physical and emotional damage, we want to help you hold the negligent medical provider liable for the compensation you are entitled to for your long-term damages.

Contact our medical malpractice and brain injury lawyer in St. Louis today to review your case by calling (314) 370-8173 or online to schedule a free consultation.

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