Prolapsed Umbilical Cord

Prolapsed Umbilical Cord Medical Malpractice Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis medical malpractice attorneys know that the umbilical cord is the very connection between the fetus and the mother, making it the baby’s literal lifeline.

When the very instrument that transports nutrients to the baby, and disposes of its waste products prolapses, the baby can suffer significant medical problems or even death. This happens because the cord is stretched and compressed, dropping through the open cervix into the vagina before the baby moves into the birth canal, slowing down or completely stopping its blood and oxygen intake.

When this occurs, it is imperative that the physician act quickly, or the baby’s life can be placed in jeopardy.

If your child suffered birth injuries or the loss of life because of a Missouri physician’s inability to act, you may a medical malpractice claim.

Who is Most at Risk for Umbilical Cord Prolapse?

Umbilical cord prolapse is an acute obstetric emergency that requires immediate delivery of the baby. Without acting quickly, the mother and the baby could face significant risks.

Several pregnancy complications may increase the risk of umbilical cord prolapse, including:

  • A Baby in Breech Position
  • Fetal Blood Sampling
  • Medical Dilation of the Cervix
  • Multiple Babies (Twins/Triplets)
  • Premature Breaking of the Amniotic Sack
  • Preterm Labor
  • The Baby’s Low Birth Weight
  • Too Much Amniotic Fluid

When a mother suffers from a prolapsed umbilical cord, the medical staff must act immediately, which is usually by performing a cesarean section to remove the baby before she/he is deprived of oxygen.

The longer the delay, the greater the chance of medical problems, including brain damage or even death of the fetus. If this happened to you, we want to help you pursue the damages to which you are entitled by the liable party or combination of parties.

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