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Premises Liability and Slip & Falls Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

The owner of premises which are open to the pubic, such as a store, have a duty to act reasonably to keep the premises safe from foreseeable dangers. Premises liability covers all property defects or dangers, including vicious animals and inadequate security, as well as conditions that may result in a slip-and-fall. Premises Liability Lawyers help you in getting compensation for the injuries you suffer on someone else’s property.

 Injuries on Someone PropertyIn our experience, injuries that occur on another person’s or business’s property fall into two categories.

Foreign Substance Slip and Falls in St. Louis, Missouri

The first category of cases in which a slip and fall lawyer might be needed are situations where someone was injured because a foreign substance was present on the surface of the property, and the injured individual slip and fell on it. If a patron slips and falls on a substance left on the floor, the owner will only be liable if he or she knew or should have known, of the presence of the substance. Depending upon the nature of the business, the owner may have a duty to inspect and clean the premises regularly in order to satisfy this duty. Examples of cases in this category that our St. Louis Slip and Fall Lawyer has handled are situations where people slip and fall on snow that was only partially removed from the property, or where ice was left on the floor for a long period of time.

Poor Design Leading to Slips, Trips, and Missteps in St. Louis, Missouri

The second category of cases in which a slip and fall attorney might be needed are where the design of the premises is so poor that the property owner could have reasonably known that there was a foreseeable risk of injury to the injured person. Examples of cases in this category that our St. Louis Slip and Fall Attorney has handled are situations where a parking block or wheel stop was placed on a property that did not meet the property owner’s own standards, or where the materials and design of a public bathroom created a foreseeable risk of slipping and falling.

Damages Recoverable in Slip and Falls in St. Louis, Missouri

People injured due to the negligence of a property possessor may recover compensation for a variety of damages such as Medical bills, Pain and suffering, Mental distress, Physical impairment, and Lost wages.

The Status of the Injured Individual Establishes the Duty Owed by the Property Owners in St. Louis, Missouri

premises2A property possessor’s duty to warn of dangers on a property is based on the status of an entrant on the land. There are three classifications: trespassers, licensees, and invitees.

Generally, property possessors owe a higher level of duty to invitees. An invitee enters the property with the permission of the possessor for the benefit of the possessor. Store customers and visitors to public buildings are considered invitees.

A licensee enters the property with the permission of the possessor for the licensee’s own purpose. Party guests are considered licensees.

A trespasser is generally owed no duty with regard to the condition of the property. There are cases, however, when a trespasser can bring a premises liability lawsuit against a property possessor.

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