Dangerous Roadways Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

Dangerous Roadways Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

At The Gogel Law Firm, our dangerous roadways lawyers in St. Louis, Missouri create positive legal solutions for our residents who have been injured due to hazardous circumstances on our local streets, rural roads, and interstates.

There is a lot of confusion regarding who is responsible for accidents that occur because of missing barriers or guardrails, shoulder drop-offs, and wheel ruts that impair a driver’s ability to control their vehicle without leaving the road or causing a collision.

Our St. Louis dangerous roadway attorney and law firm founder, Jeremy A. Gogel, provides the straightforward answers our clients need to pursue the liable party, including government entities or another third party that was responsible for the road’s safety.

Formerly a St. Louis insurance defense lawyer, Jeremy helps individuals fight for the financial compensation they deserve from insurance companies to return to the quality of life they enjoyed before the accident.

What are the Most Dangerous Roadways in St. Louis, Missouri?

In St. Louis, there are dangerous roadways where vehicle collisions and fatalities occur regularly, whether it is a single-car collision caused by the hazard or a multiple vehicle collision at an intersection.

According to a recent study by the Missouri Department of Transportation, the following roads throughout the state are some of the most dangerous:

  • Page Avenue in Wellston
  • Interstate 70, between Union Boulevard and Salisbury Street in St. Louis
  • Highway 110 near De Soto, between Canaan Road and near Upper Plattin Road
  • Interstate 270 in north St. Louis County, between McDonnell Boulevard in Hazelwood and Lilac Avenue in Spanish Lake
  • North Lindbergh Boulevard, between West Washington Street in Florissant and Robbins Mill Road in north St. Louis County
  • Interstate 44 from Yarnell Road in Fenton to Lewis Road in southwest St. Louis County
  • Highway 141, between Burgundy Lane and Carman Road in Manchester
  • Natural Bridge Avenue, between Hamilton Avenue and Farrar Street in St. Louis
  • Highway 30, between Lakenny Lane and High Ridge Boulevard in Jefferson County
  • Interstate 55 from Meramec Bottom Road to near Bayless Avenue, south St. Louis County

Traffic accidents can happen anywhere negligence is a factor, but when poor road conditions are part of the equation, drivers are placed in extreme danger during their commutes.

At The Gogel Law Firm, our dangerous roadway attorneys in St. Louis want to help remove the obstacles and red tape the responsible party will use to deter your recovery efforts.

Our experience as both a former insurance defense attorney St. Louis and an advocate for St. Louis personal injury victims allows our law firm to pursue the best outcome available for each of our client’s unique cases.

What Makes Our St. Louis Roadways Dangerous?

It is no secret that some of our St. Louis roadways are simply in better shape than others.

While some roads are repaved and rebuilt regularly, others are crumbling with potholes, cracks, and other issues. Unfortunately, while roads that are in disrepair are hazardous to all drivers, they are only a portion of what constitutes dangerous roadways.

Certainly, traffic and speed limits may play a significant part in most auto accidents, so do the inherent dangers caused by:

  • Fixed Objects, including Uncovered Water Drains and Fallen Trees or Utility Poles
  • Lack of Proper Lighting
  • Limited Road Widths
  • Malfunctioning Traffic Lights at Intersections
  • Missing Barriers and Guardrails
  • Missing or Obstructed Road Signs
  • Persistent Construction Zones
  • Poorly Painted Lines
  • Road Designs and Intersection Complexity
  • Shoulder Drop-Off
  • Unannounced Changes in Road Surfaces
  • Uncleared Ice and Snow
  • Wheel Ruts
  • Work Zones with Confusing Signs and Unpredictable Changes

Additional dangers can include traffic collisions that are addressed in travel lanes when there is no room for accident pull offs, which can cause a chain reaction on our city streets and interstates.

Other times, dangerous roadways have unforeseen consequences, including when first responders are unable to access the area to supply much-needed medical care to injury victims, sharply increasing the potential for catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

With the intimate knowledge our St. Louis personal injury lawyer gained while representing insurance companies, our law firm creates customized solutions for our injury clients to ensure they can pursue the negligent party’s insurance provider for the maximum amount of their claim.

Other common causes of car accidents in St. Louis included:

Who is Liable for Dangerous Roadway Accidents and Injuries in St. Louis, Missouri?

Depending on where your accident occurred, the maintenance responsibilities for a certain roadway can fall on city or state officials or may be shared by more than one government agency.

To build your personal injury case, we must first determine who is responsible for planning or maintaining the dangerous roadway where your collision occurred and prove the agency responsible was negligent in connection with the accident.

Our Missouri Laws state that we must show that a dangerous condition exists and that it could foreseeably have resulted in harm as a result of a negligent or wrongful act or omission by a public employee or that a public entity had actual or constructive notice of the condition.

If the government fails to address a dangerous road condition, it can be financially liable for harm that occurs, and our dangerous roadway lawyers in St. Louis can help you pursue the financial compensation you are entitled to from the negligent agency that was responsible for your accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Our Dangerous Roadways Attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri

All personal injury cases are unique, and so are the injuries suffered in each accident. At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys will pursue the financial recovery that is dictated by your unique injuries, and how they affect your day-to-day activities and long-term quality of life. This may include costs for medical bills, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages unique to your case.


It is not uncommon for dangerous roadways to affect one vehicle at a time. When hazardous conditions exist because of negligence, drivers can miss turns or leave the road when there are no barriers or guardrails to stop them. If you have been hurt in a single-vehicle accident because of hazardous road conditions, we may be able to help you pursue the negligent agency that is responsible for the circumstances that caused your injuries.

Yes. When street, interstate, or rural roads are equipped with lights to help keep drivers safe but are malfunctioning, not working, or simply have not had the bulbs changed to ensure safe travel, they contribute to dangerous roadway conditions.


Yes. Over half of all road traffic deaths occur among vulnerable road users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. Poor road infrastructure and management can cause cars, trucks, and SUVs to swerve or even leave the roadways, causing significant injuries to those on foot or riding.

When drivers have access to accurate and updated information about the current road conditions throughout the city, they can make informed road safety decisions. That is part of what makes hazardous roads so dangerous is there is no warning that they could cause imminent harm. Our St. Louis residents deserve to be informed, so they can travel safely.

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