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Going To Trial To Compensate Our Clients in St. Louis, Missouri

The Gogel Law Firm was started by Jeremy A. Gogel, a former federal judicial law clerk, and insurance defense attorney who quickly realized that his true calling was serving real people not big insurance companies.  Our practice is focused on representing people who were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

We pride ourselves in being willing to take cases all the way through trial if the insurance company is not willing to sufficiently compensate you for your injuries.  Because many attorneys may only go to trial occasionally, they don’t get this type of insight. When we examine the evidence, take depositions, consult with experts, negotiate with opposing counsel, and litigate in courtrooms throughout Missouri and Illinois, our experience is evident.  We always ensure that we are thoroughly prepared to fight for our clients, and achieve the best possible results for them. The bottom line is that our experience means we are always prepared to go to trial in order to get results for you.

Our St. Louis, Missouri personal injury lawyers help you through the most difficult times, and we provide the answers you need along the way. We use technology in creative ways to communicate with our clients, pressure opposing parties, and present evidence. We help our clients make sense of the legal process and stay informed with as few barriers as possible.

We are your advocates, and we want to help you find relief with the legal options available to you after serious injuries or a death in the family that was caused by the negligence of another party. You deserve the best.

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