Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Missouri (and How you Can Help Prevent Them)

At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis car accident attorneys know that vehicle collisions are the leading cause of preventable deaths in the U.S. Last year in Missouri, there were 157,038 traffic crashes throughout the state, according to a report by the Department of Public Safety and Missouri State Highway Patrol. During those collisions, 881 people lost their lives.

Like the crashes that occur throughout the rest of the nation, most of these fatalities could have been prevented.

Here, we are discussing the leading causes of car accidents in Missouri and how we can all help prevent them.

Speeding is the Number One Cause of Fatal Vehicle Collisions in Missouri

Of all fatal crashes that occurred in Missouri last year, over 34% involved speed.

Speeding — whether it is 5mph or 15mph over the speed limit — impedes the driver’s ability to control the vehicle and requires a greater distance for the driver to come to a stop.

These facts can lead to serious collisions, especially at high speeds, which cause significant injuries and fatalities throughout the state.

Fortunately, speeding accidents are completely preventable by simply following the posted speed limit on city roads, interstates, and in rural areas. There is no personal or professional commitment that is worth dying for.

Alcohol & Drugs are the Second Leading Cause of Fatal Traffic Accidents in Missouri

Alcohol or drug-impaired drivers account for over 23% of all fatal vehicle collisions throughout the state. Like speeding, these crashes are also 100% preventable.

Drivers who are impaired often feel empowered, which leads to them getting behind the wheel believing they are in perfect control of their circumstances. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have been drinking or using drugs, never get behind the wheel of any vehicle. Ask a friend or family member for a ride or call a taxi or rideshare service to get you — and other motorists on our roadways — home safely.

Distracted Driving Crashes in Missouri are Growing in Numbers Each Year

Last year, there were 18,914 crashes caused by distracted driving throughout Missouri. These crashes injured 7,438 people and killed 85 more.

Texting while driving is one of the fastest growing and most problematic causes of motor vehicle accidents in Missouri and across the nation. Onboard electronics, and other distractions inside the vehicle, including passengers, smoking, and eating or drinking, also contribute to these crash facts.

Like the other leading causes of accidents in Missouri, distracted driving is fully preventable when all drivers put their electronics down and focus only on the task of driving.

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