Speeding Drivers Continue to Cause Serious Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities Throughout Missouri

At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis car accident attorneys know that speeding drivers are causing serious collisions throughout Missouri, including those that lead to severe injuries and tragic fatalities.

Unfortunately, these catastrophic crashes are not limited to Missouri. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was responsible for over 27% of traffic fatalities, accounting for nearly 9,400 deaths throughout the country last year.

For those who survive their injuries from traffic collisions that occur at high rates of speed, the impact can be devastating. The reality is, crashes that involve speeding lead to catastrophic injuries that require extended medical care, longer recovery times, costly medical bills, ongoing lost wages, and even temporary or permanent disabilities.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in an accident caused by negligence, including speeding, contact our trusted auto accident attorneys in St. Louis today to discuss your case.

Speeding Impacts More Than Other Missouri Motorists

When speeding drivers get behind the wheel, they place more than other motorists in jeopardy. Speeding impacts everyone on our roadways, including pedestrians and bicyclists, and it is not just the act of driving fast that causes these serious crashes.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, when a motorist is speeding, the car/driver:

  • Takes larger to slow down or stop.
  • Collides with other vehicles, people, or fixed objects with greater impact.
  • Increases the distance a vehicle travels from the time a driver detects an emergency to the time the driver reacts.
  • Expands the risk that an evasive steering maneuver will result in loss of control.
  • Lessens the effectiveness of restraint systems, like airbags and safety belts.

Accidents that occur while speeding are not limited to reckless drivers. In fact, driving too fast for the conditions, including in rain, hail, snow, or ice — or speeding through neighborhoods, school zones, construction zones, and intersections — can lead to serious injuries to other drivers, children, bicyclists, and other pedestrians who never see the driver coming.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by a speeding vehicle, contact our St. Louis personal injury attorneys today to review your case by calling (314) 370-8173 or online to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold the negligent driver liable for your full financial recovery.

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