3 Ways to Get Pulled Over When Not Speeding or Running a Light/Stop Sign

Speeding, careless driving, or running a red light are obvious reasons to get pulled over, but getting stopped for any of the following violations may surprise you:

1. Expired Tags

In Missouri, driving with an expired tag is a serious traffic offense. If your tag is expired, you will be issued a traffic ticket with a monetary fine. Don’t get pulled over for an expired tag, look at the expiration date on your license plate. If you have already been issued a ticket, call our St. Louis Traffic Ticket Lawyer to get it taken care of.

2. Driving With a Suspended License

While there is no good reason you should knowingly be driving on a suspended license, your license may sometimes be suspended without your knowledge. This is particularly common if you recently moved and failed to change the address on your license, as any suspension notice will be sent to your old address, or if you have an outstanding traffic ticket that you are unaware of.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid getting pulled over for Driving While License Suspended. If you recently moved, update your address, and if you want to check for outstanding traffic tickets, call our traffic ticket lawyer in St. Louis for a free consultation at 314-370-8173.

3. Improper or Unsafe Equipment

Driving a vehicle without functioning brake lights or turn signals is not only dangerous but an easy way to get pulled over. However, the most common “equipment” related reason to get stopped in Missouri, is for illegal tints.

Avoid getting pulled over by checking your car! Are all lights working? Are the side mirrors attached (no duct tape please)? Any cracked windows? As for those tints, take your car to a local window tinting shop to make sure they are in compliance with Missouri tint laws.

Hopefully, you won’t get pulled over for any of the above reasons, but if you still do, contact our St. Louis traffic lawyer. Our traffic ticket lawyer at The Gogel Law Firm 314-370-8173 handles all traffic tickets issued in Missouri.

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