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About Birth Injuries and Obtaining Compensation for Them

Birth injuries most commonly occur when a medical provider deviates from standard procedure or fails to recognize potential danger to the child. As our St Louis Medical Malpractice Attorney knows, medical professionals are responsible to follow strict guidelines in monitoring vital signs and taking all necessary steps and precautions to help prevent danger and illness during birth. A failure to follow these guidelines means the medical professionals are liable for their negligent actions.

Types of Birth Trauma

Listed below are some of the most common types of birth injuries.

Cerebral palsy
This condition affects the motor functions and development of infants who are injured during birth. This is a type of brain injury. This condition is not one that worsens over time, but additional surgery may be needed. Children born with cerebral palsy are often heavily dependent on parents for their needs.

Umbilical cord compression
This occurs when blood flow to the unborn child is blocked by an obstruction or pressure in the umbilical cord. This happens in about ten percent of all deliveries.

Brain damage
One of the most common ways that infants are born with brain damage is by way of lack of oxygen. This is very infrequent, though, in cesarean section births.

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
This is a condition in which the brain is not able to get the oxygen that it needs. Most commonly, this injury occurs at birth and can actually be fatal.

Brachial plexus
The brachial plexus group of nerves are connected to the shoulders, arms, and hands. An injury to this group of nerves during child birth can necessitate prolonged physical therapy and surgery in some severe cases.

Erb’s palsy
This condition is caused by nerve damage in the arms, specifically, the C5-C6 nerves. The most common cause of this type of injury is difficult labor that results in the baby’s shoulder not being able to pass through without injury.

Representation for birth injury victims and their families
These types of birth injuries above can be overwhelming and life-altering. With rising medical costs, the cost of treatment and care needed will be astronomical. If a medical professional or facility breached their duty of care during the birth process, you should contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in St Louis to file a claim.

We specialize in medical malpractice, and we have physicians available who can evaluate your specific case. Our firm works closely with clients to build the strongest case possible, and we are confident that when we take on a case, everything possible will be done to achieve the compensation deserved.