Q: What Do I Do If I Receive a Speeding Ticket? A: Get It Fixed!

When a police officer issues you a citation for a traffic violation, you should receive an instruction sheet that will tell you how to pay or challenge your ticket. You should always check with a St. Louis Traffic Ticket Attorney before deciding to plead guilty on a traffic ticket. The consequences of pleading guilty can have significant consequences.

Most traffic tickets in Missouri are handled by the state circuit courts, while some municipalities have their own traffic courts. Although more serious infractions often require a mandatory court appearance, most speeding tickets or other minor offenses can be disposed without ever having to appear in court.

Traffic violations that occur while the vehicle is in motion (i.e., Moving Violations) usually add points to your driving record and consequently raise your auto insurance rates. Not surprisingly, many Missouri drivers are eager to have their past traffic tickets removed from their driving records or to have their current traffic ticket reduced to a non-Moving Violation.

If you received a traffic ticket in Missouri, you should contact a St. Louis Traffic Ticket Lawyer at 314-370-8173 as soon as possible. Most traffic tickets that do not require a court appearance can be handled for only $40.

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