Steps to Take After a Commercial Truck Accident in Missouri

At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis truck accident attorneys know that being involved in a crash with a commercial vehicle can be overwhelming. First, it is hard to understand what hit you. Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes in Missouri, including Semi-Trucks, delivery vehicles, box trucks, and construction vehicles to name a few.

Once the crash comes to a halt, the weight and size of the commercial vehicle that hit you will become a traumatic realization. Combined with the adrenaline and confusion of how it all happened, it can be hard to take the next steps to ensure your rights are protected.

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If You Are Able, Stay at the Truck Accident Scene

If your injuries allow, stay behind at the crash scene. Move your vehicle — again, if possible — to a safe location away from traffic and turn on your hazard lights, so other drivers can see you.

Call the Police

Chances are, if a passing motorist saw the crash, he or she may have already called the police, but you should too. Wait for law enforcement to arrive, so they can investigate the crash and complete an accident report as part of the official record.

This report will be important evidence in your personal injury case. As your truck accident attorneys, we will obtain a copy on your behalf.

Collect Important Information About the Truck and Driver

Before leaving the scene, collect as much information as possible from the truck driver and the company he or she works for.

That may include:

  • Name and contact information of the truck driver
  • License plate number and registration information
  • Insurance information for the truck
  • Name and contact information of the trucking company
  • United States Department of Transportation number on the truck

There may be multiple parties liable for your truck crash and injuries, not just the driver. The more information you can gather at the scene, the better.

Record Any Witness Information

After an accident, especially one involving a large commercial vehicle, witnesses will often stay behind to offer a statement reflecting what they saw. Talk to each person, and record their name, contact details, and a summary of what they saw. We can refer to this information later to help build your case.

Take Pictures of the Crash Scene

If possible, take as many pictures of the crash scene as possible to help our investigators piece together liability for the crash.

Take pictures from different angles to show alternate perspectives of the following details:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to the truck
  • Skid marks, or lack thereof
  • Debris or damaged vehicle parts on the roadway
  • Traffic signals and signs near the accident scene

The more images you capture, the better. No detail is too small.

Watch What You Say to Anyone at the Scene

Any statements you make to the other party, witnesses, law enforcement, or the insurance company after the crash may be used against you during a formal investigation. State facts only, which include your name and driver information. Do not speculate about how the crash occurred.

That information may be used later to undervalue or deny your settlement.

Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

No matter how you feel after a Missouri truck crash, go directly to the hospital from the accident scene. Keep in mind, the adrenaline may be masking your injuries, so never assume you are okay. Get help, so professional physicians can assess your injuries and create a complete treatment plan.

Seeking medical care is not only your best chance at making a full recovery, but it also creates the connection between the crash, your injuries, and the damages you are entitled to from the liable party or parties.

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