Who Decides When I Can Go Back to Work After an Accident with Injuries?

At The Gogel Law Firm, our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney knows that is often difficult to understand the timeline involved in going back to work after you have suffered an injury.

That is because every work injury is unique, and the time it takes to heal is different for each employee, even if they suffered similar injuries.

If you think your Missouri employer, or their workers’ compensation insurance provider, is pressuring you to return to work before you are ready, you have options to challenge their assumption: Talk to your doctor.

Will My Employer Listen to My Doctor?

If you have been injured at work, and are currently under a physician’s care, your doctor is the one person who understands the extent of your injuries, where they are in the healing process, and how returning to work may jeopardize your recovery.

That means the nature of the injury and how quickly your injury is responding to treatment will dictate when you can go back to work.

Can I Go Back to Work If I Have Been Cleared for Modified Duty?

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be ready to get back to work, even in a modified capacity.

Again, it will be up to your physicians to determine whether you can return to work with restrictions.

Depending on the industry and your position within the company, your physicians may approve your return to work, but only if you are going to be scheduled for lighter duty than was previously required from your position before your injury.

This approach is designed to get you back to work, but to help avoid the risk of re-injuring or injuring yourself further.

Meet With Your Employer Before You Return to Work

Before returning to work in a modified position, let your doctors know you will need their help in communicating the tasks that you are or are NOT able to perform safely at work, so you can talk to your employer about your specific role going forward.

Once you have done so, confirm that your employer understands your injury, any physical limitations listed by your doctor, and any reasonable accommodations necessary to return to work as you continue to heal.

If you are not approved to return to work in any capacity, do not allow your employer or their workers’ compensation insurer to pressure you to return before you are physically ready.

If you believe your employer is interfering with your claim or is retaliating against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys in St. Louis at The Gogel Law Firm today to review your case by calling (314) 370-8173 or contacting us online to schedule a free consultation.

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