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Automobile Accidents

auto1Most people call them “accidents.” However, the only time you will here us use the term “accident” is on this page. The terms that we believe more accurately describe these “accidents” are crashes or collisions. The reason that we don’t believe in using the term “accident,” is because an accident implies that there was nothing that could have been done to prevent the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. In our experience, this is far from the truth. In reality, such an “accident” usually involves one or more “at-fault” drivers. These individuals made a conscious decision the disobey the law by either failing to keep a careful lookout while operating their vehicle, following too closely, failing to operate their vehicle at a safe speed, or performing some activity that should never occur while operating a potentially deadly object like a motor vehicle. A St. Louis Car Accident Attorney can file a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company. If the claim is not settled, a lawsuit must be filed against the driver. The driver’s the insurance company will then hire a Car Crash Lawyer to defend its insured.

Car crashes are an everyday fact of life. We are often confronted with serious injuries and wrongful death in the context of automobile accidents. Typically, any car wreck of significance involves serious personal and bodily injuries to the occupants. The more serious the accident the more serious the injuries. Regrettably, many times the injuries are fatal. Every jurisdiction in the United States, including the States of Missouri and Illinois, have certain uniform rules of the road which all drivers are required to obey.

Everyday, however, negligent or careless drivers run stop signs or red lights, cross center lines, speed, lose control of their vehicles, follow other vehicles too closely and otherwise cause accidents. When these accidents are serious, the innocent third party victims of such negligence face a multitude of personal and economic hardships. When this happens, they need an aggressive and experienced St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer to help.

auto2A St. Louis Car Accident Attorney seeks to establish in every case the liability – or, negligence – of a third party. Once the St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer establishes this negligence through proper investigation, it is then necessary to document the nature and extent of the client’s damages. If a serious injury is involved, it is necessary that medical records be obtained so as to establish the nature and extent of such injuries.

The more documentation that a St. Louis Automobile Accident Attorney can produce by way of photographs, medical bills and medical records, the more compelling is the evidence which oftentimes leads to a settlement of such claims assuming the at fault driver has adequate insurance coverage to provide compensation for the innocent third party victim. If a settlement can not be achieved, the same information is used in front of a jury in order to demonstrate that the innocent third party victim is entitled to full compensation from the defendant by way of a substantial jury verdict.

If you were the victim of an accident, you need to call a St. Louis Automobile Accident Lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected.

Truck Accidents

auto3Semi trucks play an important role in transporting a wide range of goods across the country. However, these types of vehicles can pose a great danger when on the road without proper maintenance or while in operation by drivers who are fatigued, inadequately trained, or negligent, which may contribute to accidents. A significant number of semi truck accidents, which may also be called 18 wheeler accidents, or tractor trailer accidents involve fatalities.

Most people believe that truck accidents are the same as automobile accidents, but in a larger scale. It is important to understand that laws for automobile accidents are different than those for truck accidents. Commercial truck accident laws and regulations are designed to protect motorists from the negligence of trucking companies. It is crucial to be familiar with the details of commercial motor vehicle law to prove a successful large truck or tractor-trailer related injury case. Our St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney is quite familiar with these applicable laws, and will put this knowledge to work to help you.

SONY DSCTrucking companies usually send a claims representative to a truck crash scene on the same day that a collision takes place. It is the job of the claims agent to protect the trucking company’s interests by attempting to deny liability, avoid liability, or mitigate the company’s responsibilities for injuring anyone or damaging any property. Our St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer urges you not to speak with any claims representative until you retain the services of a St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

In the event that one is involved in a trucking accident, attending to medical needs is a top priority; however, legal concerns should also promptly be addressed. To that end, you should contact a St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer as soon as possible. A semi truck accident can leave victims or their families with a mountain of debt from medical bills, car compensation needs, and other related expenses. Contacting a St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney can help minimize the stress related to dealing with the financial aspects of getting one’s life back in stable order.